Do you need a car for a certain period of time and do not want to have to worry about insurance, vignette or repairs?

Now you can subscribe to your desired Hyundai model quickly, easily and flexibly.

Thanks to the new Hyundai subscription, Hyundai and ViveLaCar offer you an ALL-ROUND CARE-FREE PACKAGE for your mobility:


Vehicles quickly available-flexible car exchange

Hyundai all inclusiveHyundai all inclusive

Fully comprehensive insurance


Only 3 months
notice period

Hyundai all inclusiveHyundai all inclusive

Wear, repairs, maintenance & motor vehicle tax

Hyundai all inclusiveHyundai all inclusive

Seasonal tires

Hyundai all inclusiveHyundai all inclusive

Vignette & tax

Which vehicle types are you looking for?

Your subscription benefits in comparison

  • Termination at any time

    Only 3 months

  • Flexible car exchange

    Adapt your Hyundai to your life.

  • Carefree package

    Insurance, repair and maintenance included.

  • 100% digital

    Everything about your Hyundai in your customer profile.

  • Easy and fast

    Select a Hyundai, click, done.

Hyundai Abo
powered by ViveLaCar


    As the world's first and only auto subscription platform, we offer vehicles from Hyundai brand dealers on a subscription basis.

    We take care of the entire process, including insurance premiums and customer care.

    The Hyundai partner maintains the vehicle and handles deliveries and returns.

    Have a look at Hyundai subscription.


    Your car subscription is booked online at Hyundai subscription.

    1. You select your vehicle and your mileage package.
    2. You enter your personal data.
    3. You book your car on a subscription basis.

    After consultation with the partner dealer, we will send you confirmation of your delivery date. The booked vehicle can then be collected on the confirmed date.


    Your Hyundai subscription package price includes all costs and applicable fees for the operation of your vehicle

    • maintenance,

    • wear and tear,

    • fully comprehensive insurance,

    • seasonal tyres,

    • motor vehicle tax,

    • motorway vignette.

    The monthly price is based on the mileage package you book: (XS (200 km/ month), S (500 km/ month), M (800 km/ month), L (1,250 km/ month) XL (1,500 km/ month) or XXL (2,500 km/ Month).

    You only need to cover the costs for liquids such as

    • fuel,

    • AdBlue (diesel additive),

    • wiper water, and

    • oil

    as needed.

    You will also be responsible for any

    • fines,

    • foreign motorway tolls,

    • and parking costs.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer Service.