Hyundai Auto AboHyundai Auto Abo

We make sure that you can get a car without stress.

Hyundai Auto AboHyundai Auto Abo

We take care that you remain fully flexible and can change or cancel at any time.

Hyundai Auto AboHyundai Auto Abo

We are your contact for all questions about your subscription car from ViveLaCar.

Hyundai Auto AboHyundai Auto Abo

We pray you the best, brand-open service.

Hyundai Auto AboHyundai Auto Abo


We want car driving to be fun again. We work for it every day. It is no longer about owning a car, but about using it, which should give pleasure. For you as the end customer, the annoying time and financial risk associated with buying a car or leasing are completely eliminated. You can click to your car in 3 minutes. We focus on customer orientation and service, so you don't have to make a decision alone if you don't want to. You can reach us via chat, email support@hyundai-abo.at or by phone at +43 1 3618139 - 10.


For Hyundai Brand dealer:

For you as a dealer, we offer a new sales channel: the car subscription. You have the chance to make known and unknown target groups who want to drive again. Our mission is to assert ourselves in this market and to help you as a ViveLaCar partner to do more business.

We ARE Vivelacar!